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Collins Barrow KMD LLP was founded in 1934 by Frederick O. Kime. We currently have 10 partners, and almost 65 professional and administrative staff members throughout our 5 offices in Southwestern Ontario - London, Clinton, Stratford, Strathroy and Arkona. Collins Barrow KMD LLP is independently owned and operated with a focus on  healthcare professionals, family owned businesses, and farming.

We have a team of professionals in our Healthcare Group dedicated to meeting the specialized needs of physicians, dentists and other healthcare professionals. For further information on our Healthcare Group please contact in our local office:

Michael Bondy (email)
Ryan Devereux (email)
Brandon Gilbert (email)
Doug Greenhow (email)
Yuriy Tyshchuk(email)

David Wells (email)
Ashley Didone (email)

Managers and Associates:
 Naomi Delaney (email)
Scott Redden (email)
Ben Goes (email)
Jordan Keuken (email)
Maria de Jourdan (email)
Priyal Jain (email)
Karen Vander Vloet (email)
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About Collins Barrow

Collins Barrow is Canada's largest association of Chartered Accounting firms in Canada. Known as Canada's mid - market alternative for audit, tax and advisory solutions, we have over 45 offices in Canada and our global reach extends into dozens of other countries through Baker Tilly our international affiliate.